Returning to Work

Returning to work following an extended absence is a relatively common event for training departments to have to deal with. The returnee, having completed refresher training will probably fly with a line training captain or other suitably experienced pilot until they feel comfortable. They will then complete a line check and return to normal work.

That’s the ‘normal’ world we are used to. Today we are no longer in the ‘normal’ world. For this reason, we need to analyse far more closely what the threats are, how people are feeling and how they can be quickly and effectively returned to the line.

This group of presentation talks helps to address three of the issues facing all of us as we prepare to return to work; hidden threats, anxiety & worry, and finally practical advice as to what you can do to prepare yourself. Each talk lasts about 20 minutes.

This time, we have Olivia Hendriks, Aquila’s psychologist, and Jo Baker, Human Givens therapist, on hand to discuss the various aspects of your return to work. As always, please feedback to us at to help us improve and develop our service to you.