Terms and Conditions

Aquila Jet Training Ltd

When you register an account with us, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Aquila Jet Training promises to provide the highest quality training material consistent with current aviation practice regarding human factors training, as specified by UKCAA and EASA. Training material will be revised and amended from time to time. Aquila Jet Training will not provide any training or guidance relating to standard operational procedures for any specific aircraft type, or technical skills relating to Flight Crew Operating Manuals or Company Procedures Manuals. Where Aquila Jet Training references national rules or guidelines (for example, EBT implementation guidance) the reference will be clearly stated. This guidance will be current at the time the training was issued. However, no guarantee can be given to update all documentation as guidance changes. Aquila Jet Training will make every effort to update material at regular intervals.


Our website uses security and encryption systems to keep your data safe. Aquila Jet Training will never pass your private information to any third party without your permission apart from certain secure service providers which are required to fulfil certain functions. Read our full privacy policy here.


Aquila Jet Training provides virtual training material to download. Free material can be downloaded at any time. Paid material can be downloaded by either one-time payment or by subscription. This gives the user the right to read the information as many times as they want, provided they log in with a valid user-name and password.

Returns and Cancellations

Aquila will refund or the full price of any virtual material that is faulty or incomplete. If you wish to return or cancel a product email us at admin@aquilajet.training.

Aquila Jet Training is a Private Limited Company registered in Northern Ireland (NI652919).

VAT number: 296 9949 10

Our registered address is 184 Rashee Road, Ballyclare Co Antrim. BT39 9JB

Our email address is admin@aquilajet.training